About Runcorn Linnets Junior Football Club

Our History

The story of 'Runcorn Linnets Juniors' began in 2005 when Inter Union JFC was born from an idea between two forward thinking visionaries Simon Archer and Jason Maddock, five years later they had managed to build a solid base of nine successful junior league football teams.

Inter Union Junior Football League Club - Before merging with Runcorn Linnets

2010 Merger with Inter Union JFC

In 2010 Inter Union were invited to become part of the Club umbrella at Runcorn Linnets FC and swapped Blue & Black for Yellow & Green.

In 2013 Runcorn Linnets JFC had began to lay the 1st foundation blocks to organically grow a Linnets Girls section from the ground up, but instead a whole Linnets Girls section was created following the 2014 merger with the already well-established Halton Girls.

2014 Merger with Halton Girls JFC

Established in 1997, Halton Girls JFC have had a similar rise in prominence to that of Inter Union JFC. They flourished during a history of over 16 years, providing opportunities for young girls to play football for recognized teams at various levels from 8 to 16 years of age.

Halton Girls Junior Football League Club - Before merging with Runcorn Linnets

Club Together

Following both the amalgamations of Inter Union JFC and Halton Girls JFC with Runcorn Linnets FC, we now have a combined force of 29 junior boys & girls teams, ranging from U7s right through to the U18s Youth teams. We have over 300 children on our books, predominantly from the Halton Community and some from our neighbouring towns such as Frodsham and Helsby.

Our Facilities

During the 2013/14 season Runcorn Linnets Junior Football Club secured a new home on the playing fields surrounding the Millbank Linnets Stadium. Linnets Halton Sports Complex consists of a clubhouse/changing rooms, parking, 3 x full size pitches, 1 x 9v9 pitch, 1 x 7v7 pitches, 3 x 5v5 pitches and training areas. Planning is under way for Linnets Halton Sports complex to undergo a 3 year renovation programme and facilities development which will see it become a major asset to the Halton community. Not just providing quality football facilities, but an opportunity for mixed sports to be played and coached at the complex too.

Halton Borough Council - Football Stadia Improvement Fund - Premier League

The initial development saw the completion of the Millbank Linnets Stadium on the Halton Sports playing fields. It was built for Runcorn Linnets senior team back in June 2009, with help from Halton Borough Council and a grant exceeding £93,000 from the FSIF (Football Stadia Improvement Fund) - funded by The Premier League. The senior club has continued to go from strength to strength and are now battling it out in the North West Counties League, the 13th division of English football.

Key Components in Place

Junior football clubs flourish when several factors are in place.
First of all, Coaches need to be well trained, enthusiastic and eager to learn themselves for the benefit of others. If your team coach knows what they're doing, you can be sure that the players will eventually come round to their way of thinking.
Secondly, you need facilities for the players, staff, parents, carers and spectators to convene to. If a club is lacking in good facilities, chances are they're lacking in league points too. Fortunately for Linnets, we have great facilities for all of our junior football teams.
Thirdly, the players and staff need to be happy at the club, if factors one and two are in place, the third factor is often a given.

Get with it!

Working together with a proactive attitude, adults can help to develop a better learning environment for young people that puts their needs at the centre of the process.


Want more information?

If you'd like to find out more about our club, you can contact the Junior Head Secretary Ciaran Clotworthy. She is head of administrive affairs at the club and will endeavour to reply to your query, with a well-informed, well-educated response. Here is her email address:

We would like to thank Our Sponsors for their loyal support.