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44 aKidamey Kids To Be Rewarded At The Millbank Linnets Stadium

January 2014 saw Runcorn Linnets forward thinking Sunday aKidamey introduce a revolutionary Football Progression System to keep them at the forefront of grass roots player development in the Halton area.


Linnets player awards system has been designed by qualified coaches involved in all aspects of football development, including grass roots, Professional Club Academies and Center of Excellences.

 After continued player assessment by our UEFA ‘A’ Licensed Head aKidamey Coach Keith Cliffe, 44 of our 63 children registered to the sessions have this week passed their 1st grades.


We are inviting the 44 children to the Millbank Linnets Stadium on Saturday 8th March 2014 to the Runcorn Linnets v Colne match.  The kids will be presented with their individual Certificates and Badges by Linnets Chairman Derek Greenwood on the pitch at halftime.


 Parents of the children are asked to arrive at the Stadium from 2.30pm.

 Please may we ask our aKidamey children and parents to use the side turnstile on Stockham Lane and NOT use the main entrance/turnstile. Some of the aKidamey coaches will be manning this turnstile. Entrance is free to all children under 16 and one Adult complementary ticket will be available for each child listed below.

 Extra family members wishing to attend will be charged normal entrance price: Adults £5 and Concessions £3.

Pics below are some of the kids from both groups receiving their FPS Achievement Record Books on Sunday.


9 am

  1. L. Biggs
  2. N. Owen
  3. L. Evans
  4. C. Kerswell
  5. R. Culshaw
  6. E. Thain
  7. N. Shannon
  8. T. Pye
  9. M. Charlton
  10. E.Craft
  11. E. Hill
  12. J. Taylor
  13. L. Craft
  14. A. Lyons
  15. Z. Pinnington
  16. D. McCaffery
  17. D. Parry
  18. D. Grogan
  19. J. Dougan
  20. K. McCoy
  21. P. Burns
  22. O. Burns
  23. J. Thorpe
  24. L. Hughes
  25. H. Brown

10 am

  1. L. Owen
  2. G. Marshall
  3. J. Bignall
  4. J. Charlton
  5. T. Ledward
  6. L. Graham
  7. J. Summers
  8. O. Slama
  9. J. Haren
  10. T. Spencer
  11. A. Spruce
  12. O. Robinson
  13. A. Cox
  14. R. Melvin
  15. K. Woodward
  16. M. Mak
  17. A. Adams
  18. L. Jones
  19. L. Jackson
  20. E. Wright


Head aKidamey Coach Keith Cliffe statedApart from being fun our Football Progression System awards encourage the all-round development of players and includes social development, ball mastery, technical skills, speed, agility, fitness, balance and decision making.  Our aKidamey sessions run next to Millbank Linnets Stadium and these kids see it as Wembley, it will be a fantastic experience for the kids to receive acknowledgement for their development so far in front of a crowd and defiantly one for the memory bank’.

 See you all on Saturday!!

If you have any questions please contact Stuart Graham on 07903 950 318.

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