Runcorn Linnets JFC AGM

Linnets Junior AGM – Wednesday 9th July 2014

Linnets Junior AGM - Wednesday 9th July 2014


Runcorn Linnets Junior Football Club – AGM will be held at Millbank Linnets Stadium at Millbank Linnets Stadium starting at 8.30pm.
We expect all managers, coaches and associated volunteers to attend the most important AGM in the Juniors history without fail.
2014/15 Season Teams
U7s Yellow
U7s Green
U8s Archers
U8s Mads
U8s Girls Kickers
U9s Yellow
U9s Green
U10s Warrington
U10s M&H
U10s H&D
U10s Girls Yellow
U10s Girls Green
U12s Yellow
U12s Green
U12s Sunday
U12s Girls Yellow
U12s Girls Green
U13s Yellow
U13s Green
U14s Girls
U16s Girls
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Junior Treasurer
Head Junior Secretary
Girls Head Representative
Girls Secretary
Boys Mini Soccer Secretary
Girls Child Welfare Officer
Boys Child Welfare Officer
Football Development Committee
Head Groundsman
Head aKidamey Coach
Head FUTSAL Coach
Any parents/guardians who assist the coaches with team admin/money handling etc.

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