Winter Training at Linnets Halton Sports and the Grange

Junior Winter Training Schedule w/c 22nd September 2014

Junior Linnets Winter Training Schedule


All junior teams will commence Winter Training week comencing 22nd September.


 Training will be held at the following venues:


  • The Grange School, Latham Avenue, Runcorn, WA7 5DX.
  • The Heath School, Clifton Rd, Sutton Weaver, Runcorn, WA7 4SY


The schedule


 Times Pitch The
 Grange The Heath
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5pm-6pm Pitch 1  -  -  -  -  - U10s DF
6pm-7pm Pitch 1 U7s & 9s JR  U8's Mads U8's SB U13's NR GU10's
Pitch 2 U8's Arch U9's KMc U7s Yel & Gre GU10's
Pitch 3 U10's GL  - U13's DK GU10's
7pm-8pm Pitch 1 U12's DW U10's MJ U12's BC GU12's
Pitch 2 1st Team U11's 1st Team GU12's
Pitch 3  - U12's JL  -
8pm-9pm Pitch 1 U15's Ladies Youth GU14's
Pitch 2 1st Team U14's 1st Team GU16's
Pitch 3 Girls Youth
Indoor Pitch
6pm-7pm U7s & 9s JR  -  -
7pm-8pm U10's PS


NOTE: U7s Green, Blue & U9s H&D teams will rotate the outdoor and indoor pitches throughout the winter. Please contact the Head Junior Secretary if you have any questions.

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By linnets-john-rankin / Subscriber, bbp_spectator on Sep 16, 2014

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  • Lisa Nuttall under 13 green rep

    We are down for weds 6-7. Can anyone swap for Thursday? Due to work commitments coach can’t accommodate Wednesday. Thanks

  • Gary Lamph

    Hi Lisa we can swop from a Tuesday evening 6-7 up the Heath? Any good to you? Gary u10h&d

  • Lisa Nuttall under 13 green rep

    Yes Gary great, weds is at the grange is that ok for you? Is the club ok with the swap??

  • John rankin u9 Green

    Gary Lisa I can’t do Thursday so could I take Gary slot Tuesday, Gary takes Lisa wednesday and Lisa takes my Thursday?

  • Can anybody swap there thursday slot 6-7 with our slot tuesdays 6-7 we cant train on tuesdays to many parents cant make the day me included cheers

  • James charlton u8 archers

    Evening all, little late here in the conversation

    I anyone able to swap our Tuesday 1800-1900 for a Wednesday 1800-1900 ?

    Thanks james

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