JLB’s The InterView – Scott Stoddart

Junior Linnets Bear fires the InterView questions at U7s Asststant Scott Stoddart

JLB: What is your full name?
SS: Scott Stoddart

JLB: What Linnets age group?
SS: Under 7's

JLB: Where were you Born?
SS: Chester

JLB: What is your current age?
SS: 28 although I am like Peter Pan and look 15

JLB: What is your position at the club?
SS: Assistant/coach of the U7's

JLB: Apart from Linnets, what other team do you support?
SS: Everton F.C

JLB: Where do you see them finishing this season?
SS: After the start we have had anything below 6th would be a disappointment for me, this is Everton though!

JLB: Who was your childhood footballing hero or heroes?
SS: Duncan Ferguson! Need I say more? What a man!
I used to be a ball boy quite often at the old Canal Street and I always thought Paul Robinson was decent for Runcorn, they had a good team in the old Vauxhall Conference at the time

JLB: Who was your childhood footballing villain?
SS: Where do you want me to start.......? (I am banned from saying anything red) Errrr Alan Shearer, was dirty but never made it obvious and was dead sly, remember that stamp on the Neil Lennon and then threatening to never play for England if he was punished. He was England Captain at the time as well.

JLB: Who in your own opinion has been the best player to have played in the Premier League?
SS: Roy Keane, gave everything and made football look easy. Never over complicated anything.

JLB: How long have you been with Inter Linnets/Inter Union?
SS: 18 months

JLB: Why Inter?
SS: Why not? I had been saying to Kev that I wouldn’t mind having a little go at coaching and when he took on the 6's last year he gave me the call.

JLB: What’s your footballing background?
SS: Halton Sports from age 7-16, Cheshire County, Various trials but never quite made it, wish I’d have carried on into open age and got some decent coaching, I regret not playing now and I feel I may have had something to offer someone in the lower leagues.

JLB: What was your position?
SS: Left back, there is a joke in there, which is probably more applicable now.

JLB: Left or Right footed?
SS: Left, would like to say both but it would be blatant lie.

JLB: What’s your best & worst memorable coaching moment?
SS: In a strange way my best moment was a defeat, in a summer league game everyone expected us to get battered and we held it to 1-0 defeat and were actually unlucky not to get a draw. Every Linnets kid on the pitch that day was immense and I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s amazing what a team can do if everyone pulls together.
Worst was a Halewood Summer League game against Paddock Milan, I won’t say anymore.

JLB: Describe how your junior team plays in 5 words?
SS: This is age applicable our kids are only just out of a pram!

JLB: Where do you see your junior team finishing this season?
SS: My main target is to learn and develop so that we are in a good position when we go competitive in a few years, ill take any silverware we pick up along the way and we have improved tremendously since the summer league, I will add there is a certain local tournament which we have our eye on in may 😉

JLB: What would you like to see improve at Junior level at our Club?
SS: Would love to see us all play at the same venue, I know its being looked at, it would be good and bring a family feel to a Sunday morning. In a more political sense I would love to see the Akidamey pushed to take a step up, more coaches, more advertising and a better on the day appearance, its hard work and to me anyone involved cannot be praised enough, if you consider that a lot of the aKidamey kids aren’t attributed to a Linnets team the coaches give an awful lot of time and effort, it’s the breeding ground for the future of the club but can sometimes be taken for granted.
Don’t sack me!!!! Please!!!

JLB: If you were Head of UEFA what rules would you add/change?
SS: I’d make parents silent for a start! Goal line technology is a must, why football is so stubbornly against it, look how quick hawkeye in the Tennis is.

(InterView conducted before FIFA’s new goal line technology ruling)

JLB: Tell us something we don’t know about you!
SS: I’m scared of nail varnish, earring’s, lightning and doing rollovers!

JLB: If Hollywood made a film about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as you?
SS: Will Ferrell, he's funny and probably shares my daft sense of humor.

JLB: What would your last supper be?
SS: Haggis Supper from the Howegate chippy in Hawick, think only close family will know exactly what I’m on about, it’s essentially haggis and chips but it’s amazing.

JLB: Can you do 50 press up’s?
SS: One arm or two?

JLB: What’s your favorite film?
SS: Braveheart or Karate Kid

JLB: What would you do if you had a time machine?
SS: Probably get a better education. I think everyone says that but you don’t realize until your older. Climbing telegraph pole and crawling in manholes is doing nothing for my knees!

JLB: If you could afford any car what would you buy?
SS: I’d buy a split screen VW camper and travel round Europe, damn you mortgage!

JLB: Can you do 50 keepy ups?
SS: Only on the left.

JLB: If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or non famous, living or dead, real or fictional… with whom would it be and why?
SS: Rachel just to see if I’ as bad as she makes out.

JLB: If you could go on holiday in the morning, all expenses paid where would you go to?
SS: Vietnam looks an amazing place.

JLB: Do you have any superstitions?
SS: Anything that has a numeric display has to be on an even number i.e. Radio or TV volume.

JLB: If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs - such as food & water were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
SS: Rachel, I almost have to say that. I’d also take sun cream otherwise Rachel would have me swimming with my t-shirt on like a kid!

JLB: If you had Dr Doolittle powers and could talk to any creature what would it be and what would you ask them?
SS: Probably that Meerkat, I’d simply say shhhhhh!

JLB: Is Elvis really dead?
SS: No he’s caught in a trap!

JLB: What came 1st the chicken or the egg?
SS: Is there a right answer? Egg?!?!?

JLB: Since leaving school have you ever needed to use Long Division or had to climb vertically up a rope?
SS: Long Division, nope, I am doing Tough Mudder on 17 November and I’ve got to climb a rope in that.

JLB: Big Mac's or Whoppers?
SS: Whopper

JLB: Have you ever blown a Vuvuzela?
SS: No


JLB: Coke or Pepsi?
SS: Pepsi

JLB: Dogs or Cats?
SS: Dogs

JLB: MoTD or Football First?

JLB: Red or Brown sauce?
SS: I’m not bitter honestly, Brown!

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