The Mark Gorry Foundation – Attention Linnets Mums & Dads

Attention Linnets Mums & Dads


A number of Linnets Mum’s play for Beechwood Netball Club and like Junior Linnets Beechwood NC support local testicular cancer charity The Mark Gorry Foundation ( ).

 Linnets secretary Ciaran Clotworthy would like to invite all Junior Linnets to join in Beechwood NC’s MGF fundraiser detailed below:

On the 3rd of November 2012 at 2pm Beechwood Netball Club will be coming together, seniors, juniors, infants, supporters, parents and fans to run 'Just One Mile' in a WAVE OF AWARENESS.

In support of The Mark Gorry Foundation, a testicular cancer charity, BNC (Beechwood Netball Club) aims to raise awareness by running 'Just One Mile'.  However, they need commitment from people to run Just one Mile (or more).  Not only that, you have to bring a man!!  Not any random man but one you love and care for, who will run the mile with you.  After all, what's the point in us ladies running for awareness of testicular cancer when we don't have testicles???

The Mark Gorry Foundation

Your one man has other men - friends, team mates, family that he can bring to run Just One Mile and there starts each Beechwood Players' WAVE.  It can be one man (your dad) or many.  This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness to the males we love, to bring together teams and people throughout our community and also for publicity for all involved.

To get involved please contact Ciaran on 07876 752 868 or

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