Linnets Futsal League in Halton, Liverpool C.R.

All Linnets Teams Boys & Girls – FA National Youth Futsal Festival – Looking For Interested Linnets Teams To Enter

The FA National Youth Futsal Festival qualifying leagues start soon – The Club are looking for interested Linnets teams to enter and start Futsal training.
Local / Regional Qualifying Leagues take place through until April and then the Regional Finals run from April to June 2015.
These all fee into the National Finals which take place on 27th and 28th June 2015.
Open to all Boys & Girls Linnets Teams – If coaches would like to enter a team or simply find out more information then please contact Linnets Futsal headcase Pete Stevo at
These qualifying leagues provide the kids with a fantastic experience and the level of ability is improving year on year.
If you haven’t seen FUTSAL played only have to watch Futsal players fighting to keep the ball from crossing the touchline and you'll immediately begin to see how FUTSAL develops skill, control, and technique. A small playing area with lines puts players constantly under pressure from other players and out-of-play boundaries. Players must learn to settle the ball rapidly, turn sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly and move into open space. Compared to walled 5 a-side or large grass football, Futsal places a greater premium on ball control. There is no reward for errant passes because the other team gets the ball. There is no incentive to 'kick and run' because the field is too small and packed with players. Players with the ball must use proper technique to maintain control and must seek out other players in space. Players without the ball must move to 'real' space and must truly support their teammates.
However, for Futsal, the emphasis is clearly on control and technique.
Without control and technique you cannot expect to succeed in Futsal.


If you are serious about your childs skills and technique development, Futsal is the superior activity. Futsal promotes better technique and develops skills more rapidly. It is the "expressway" to correct player development. It is time well spent and most of all the kids will have fun!!

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