Schedule – Runcorn Linnets Bag Packing Fundraiser 2015

Please find below Linnets teams schedule for the ASDA Runcorn bag packing fundraiser this Saturday, 14th February.


The schedule:
9.00 10.30 BU7'sB Joe Davies BU7'sY Sean Gaskill
10.30 12.00 BU10'sG Gary Lamph BU10'sB Mick Judge BU10'sF Pete Stevenson
12.00 1.30 BU9'sY Kev Mc BU9'sG John Rankin GU12'sG Bernie Cannon
1.30 3.00 BU7'sG Anno BU8'sMads Gareth Lupton GU12'sY Gareth Meadows
3.00 4.30 BU8'sArchers James Charlton BU8's SB Paul Crook GU10'sY Chris Stringer
4.30 6.00 BU10'sY Dan Flanagan BU11's Robert Gibbons GU10'sG Danny Armstrong GU10'sB Mike O'Brien

As per ASDA rules all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Please ensure all children are wearing Linnets wear. 
Remember our next bag packing stint is Saturday 2nd May 2015
Once again all teams will be notified of their packing slot for 2nd May once the schedule has been worked around team fixtures.
If you have any questions please contact Mrs Sec - Ciaran Clotworthy on 07876 752 868

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By linnets-john-rankin / Subscriber, bbp_spectator on Feb 10, 2015

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  • Anthony pinnington

    Sorry myself and kara won’t be able to attend this sat we have plans that we made ages ago ill ask our parents to see if they can attend but we had our bag pack last weekend I’ll defo be there for the may one

  • Robert gibbons

    Hello my U11’s team is mainly kids from the Liverpool area , as we have a game at 11:20 am would it be possible to switch our bag packing times , so that we could go the ASDA straight from the game , as parents feel it’s a bit mad coming over for our game driving back to Liverpool for a few hours then coming back , also our slot is 4:30 till 6 so traffic could be heavy & as their all smoothy short cakes they have plans for valentines , hope you can help me out cheers .

  • Robert gibbons

    Anno hello mate , I’ve just seen your post after I sent mine , if no one is able to attend from your team could you let me know please mate as I will take your slot at 1:30 otherwise I’m going to struggle getting most of mine their at 4:30 cheers mate .

  • Anthony pinnington

    So sorry for late reply rob gibbons hope it went well

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