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The Juniors ‘Halton Sports Project’ Fundraising Begins With A TESCO Bag Pack

The Juniors 'Halton Sports Project' Fundraising Begins With A TESCO Bag Pack

Junior Linnets have been awarded a fantastic  opportunity of gaining funding for Halton Sports by securing a bag packing in TESCO, Widnes on:
Saturday 1st February 2014


This will be the 1st Club fundraising event of a busy 2014 as we start to find funds for our Halton Sports project and we expect  full support from the Linnets family.
‘Any money raised will go directly towards URGENT temporary pitch drainage work on Halton Sports that will be carried out in the next couple of weeks as we try and get some home games on'
The Club raised over £1200 last year at ASDA and we are looking to smash this. FYI we are also waiting for a bag packing date from ASDA Runcorn and we will keep you updated.
The following teams will be added to the packing rota:
U7s Mads & Archers, U8s, U9s Sat & Sun, U10s, U11s, U12s, U14s, U15s
All children will sign in and out with a Linnets official at the store before they are allowed to approach tills as part of a TESCO’s Child Welfare condition.

Tesco bag packing operation

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult whilst packing, there will be more tills open than we have kids so if any Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles etc. fancy giving up a couple of hours for the cause then please invite them along!!
Teams are asked to make their own way to the store but the Juniors Mini Bus will be available from the Millbank Linnets Stadium to take a limited number of people over to Widnes and back.
The rota will be worked around teams fixtures and will be available on here in the next couple of days.


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