Standing Orders are due

1 Week Left To Set Up Your Standing Orders

Reminder to all parents/guardians to make sure that you have handed in your Standing Order Subscription Forms to your bank.

The first Standing Order collection we will be on Friday 1st November, it takes a couple of days for the bank to set up your mandate, so if you haven’t done so please can you get it completed and into your bank ASAP.

 Your Childs Reference For Junior Linnets Standing Order Mandate

Don’t forget please make sure that when handing in your completed subs Standing Order form to your bank it is very important to make sure that you have inserted the correct reference for your child in the ‘Beneficiary Reference’ part of the mandate.

This will act as your child’s payment confirmation on the Clubs bank statements and will be checked online on a monthly basis.

The reference should be made up like this Age Group + Childs Initials

i.e. John Brown plays for the U13s his ‘Beneficiary Reference’ reference will be U13JB


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